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A Little Bit About Online Gift Baskets . . .

Almost everyone appreciates the beauty, and the mystery, of a gift basket. Their versatility and customizable nature put them ahead of just about any other gift and they adapt to almost all budgets. A hard- to-beat combination most anytime! Online Gift Baskets, or "OGB" as it has come to be called, was conceived in the mid-nineties and became a reality in February, 1999.

Prior, the gift basket industry was lacking anything that would bond its business operators together in any unified marketing manner such as other industries enjoy, in particular, the competing floral industry. It was also evident that the common practice of shipping the finished product was not only costly to the consumer but laden with the risks inherent with cross country freighting, such as damage or when destined to Los Angeles, would end up days later in Poughkeepsie. Furthermore, one of the most exciting elements of receiving a gift basket is the expression of joy on the recipient's face, upon its presentation. Such is lost when receiving a cardboard box, often wrapped in shipping tape with a hole poked in the side.

There is the very serious consequence to our environment as well when one realizes that with all the movement of people and products the world over, there has been dramatic increases in atmospheric damage resulting from the burning of the necessary fuel.

So . . . with all of the above and more, in consideration, we set about to bring to the world of gift baskets, an alternative to the usual practice of shipping. Clearly, it was an idea, whose time had come, because in the short time since its inception, OGB has grown into an international network of like thinking, gift basket business operators, now spanning the United States, Canada and connecting with its counterparts the world over.

Now consumers like our "environmentally friendly" fast local delivery, usually next, even same, business day at a fraction of the cost of conventional shipping. And, yes, those faces do indeed smile when they receive a gift basket in all its design splendor, after all.

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