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Online Gift Baskets brings business to you and your website door . . .

Do you compete with other local gift basket providers for business in your community? Is there a way that you can compete better? You bet there is and Online Gift Baskets can help you to do it!

Online Gift Baskets, or "OGB" as we're most often called, have been operating in the industry since 1999, serving local gift basket operators, just like you, with orders from other gift basket operators, our corporate clients and the public, for local delivery as well as nearby or national shipping.

Here's how we work . . . Members in the OGB network exclusively represent their local community and anyone looking to order a gift basket for their local delivery are taken directly to your website (that's why we call it "Orders Direct"). The hope is that they'll order directly from you and thereby become a customer and hopefully, so too, will the recipient! Additionally, with your authorization, we will present graphic and descriptive information of your product designs in our shipping catalogues (we say "authorization" because your designs are, and will always remain, yours!).

What does your participation cost? Your Membership is $119.95 (plus 5% tax) annually, not monthly, and covers all the costs for you and your products to appear in our system. Additionally, while there is no cost to you for local delivery orders, because they come to you directly without our handling, there is a 15% commission on orders for your designs, that we receive through our shopping cart and bring to you. It's a bit like having a commission salesperson representing you and your products internationally. You don't pay us until we bring you the business! Additionally . . .

How well are you competing with other providers in search engine “local” rankings?

Google technician John Mueller said, and other search engine optimization experts say, as well, that to rank better in “local” search results “make sure that high quality websites link to your site and then your website will get higher rankings on Google in the shortest possible time”!

High quality websites are those that are industry related to your business website and while the number of links from them count . . . their quality counts most!

Now, in order to bring you "Orders Direct" we link from the cities on our website that you represent, to your website, so the customers wishing local delivery in your "next business day" service area, can "order direct" with you. Search engines regard our link as high quality because not only are we completely gift basket related but we're the gift basket industry’s oldest website of its kind! Quality links like ours can be instrumental in moving you up in the local rankings and, even if you're already on top, they'll simply make it easier for you to stay there!

To take advantage of our opportunity, simply CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to our application form and within 48 hours after we receive your submission and your list of the products we can offer, we'll have you in the system!!!

Got Questions, we've got answers. Simply pick up your phone and call us toll-free at 877-228-5855 or if you prefer, dash us an email to (copy and paste this address into your email to avoid spam filtering): memberservices@onlinegiftbaskets.com and we'll come back to you promptly!

Lastly, A WORD OF CAUTION: Please don't confuse us with the order gatherer "Overseas Gift Baskets" who've tried to mimic us by using our "OGB" moniker. We're not them and will never operate like they do!!! We represent gift basket operators, like yourself, by offering YOU and YOUR products in our system at YOUR delivered prices, not some mocked up designs at hugely marked up values, orders for which they receive through their clever website and then place with unsuspecting local operators at much, much, smaller values. It's legal but we feel unethical, immoral and very damaging to our industry. That's why we say that "OGB" not only stands for "Online Gift Baskets" but "Only Good Business"!!!

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