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Next business day, even same day time permitting, or on those occasions when a special, or unique, custom design is more important than an arrival deadline, you can choose from many more gift basket and hamper selections in our shipping catalogues offering 2-4 business day "regional" and 5-7 business day "country wide", shipping arrival! Either way, Online Gift Baskets is so economical that more of your money can go into your gift baskets instead of the cost of getting them there!

Gift Baskets & Hampers make the ideal gift!

Most popular are Christmas Gift Baskets & Hampers for corporate holiday gift giving and also Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, even New Year's Day gift baskets!

For sensitive Chocolate, Wine and Cheese gift baskets, Fruit baskets, Gourmet Food and Gourmet Snack gift baskets, Bath and Body Spa basket gifts, Cookies, Candy Bouquet use our local delivery across China.

Gift baskets and hampers for a New Baby whether Baby Girl or Baby Boy, gift baskets for a Baby Shower gift, Birthday Gift Baskets, for that special Anniversary, Gift Baskets for Retirement, Gift Baskets for a Wedding and Wedding Shower, Gift Baskets for the Bride and for a Bridal Shower, Gift Baskets for Dads, for Him or Her, their Graduation, Gift Baskets for Mom. Just perfect for those almost missed or forgotten sudden occasions in China that need to be there on time!

Gift baskets and hampers that say Get Well to those in hospital, Sympathy and Bereavement Gift Baskets, a Gourmet Snack or Gourmet Food Gift Basket for visiting guests and family to enjoy while they gather!

Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, China CH small businesses and large corporations use gift baskets for a Corporate Gift, Baskets for Holiday Gift Baskets, Christmas gift baskets & hampers for a small business or Corporate Holiday Christmas, Gift Baskets for an Office, Office Staffs, Professional Administrators, Assistants or Secretaries gift baskets. Congratulations or Thank You for your business gift baskets. For a special Corporate Event, Convention or Conference, Gift Baskets for residential and commercial China Realtors® for their Home Sellers and new Home Buyers to say Congratulations, Thank You, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas for Realtors® all across China CH

About Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, China CH

China dates back more than six thousand years, thus making it one of the world's oldest civilizations. Over time, China has made a substantial contribution to the world having been the source of such major inventions as paper, the compass, gunpowder, and the printing process. Through the years it has been governed by "dynasties", loosely described as political periods of reign by a given ruling family. On January 1, 1912, the Republic of China came into being but was soon entwined in civil wars that later culminated in the Communists controlling the mainland but then, in 1949, subsequently being forced out to occupy Taiwan with the formation of the "People's" Republic of China then controlling mainland China. Hong Kong, the island and largest metropolitan centre of China, came under complete British rule in 1842 with the Treaty of Nanjing (Nanking) and remained so until almost 100 years later when it was occupied by the Japanese, on December 11, 1941, the same day of their attack on the U.S. Hawaiian port of Pearl Harbor. With the end of World War II and the Japanese capitulation, Hong Kong was once again in British hands and in 1949, with the formation of the "People's" Republic of China, refugees poured into Hong Kong bringing cheap labour and high demand. Thereafter, as a deep water port, Hong Kong flourished internationally as a British colony. In 1997, after almost 50 years of unprecedented growth and economic development, Britain turned Hong Kong over to the People's Republic of China where it has remained to current times, something of a political hybrid with the introduction of Communist governmental reforms but the retention of an economic independence not known, nor yet experienced, in mainland China. Currently, China is fast emerging as the world's largest marketplace having such an immense population. Additionally, it has developed a substantial economic presence and boasts strong export success as well. China's largely agrarian population is spread throughout the country with the greater density being in the metropolitan centres of Hong Kong, its capital city of Beijing and Shanghai.

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